MB Partners Center – operating since 2013 with an experienced team of professionals focused on:

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)





UAB “MB Partners Center“ pays special attention to safety and health at work. We provide suitable, safe and non-harmful to health working conditions for each employee. The only tools which are allowed be used during the work time are those that are in working order and meet the requirements of the OSH Legislation.


Any information or service for our clients is provided responsibly and professionally.




Quality results




Quality provides a responsible attitude for all our activities, allowing to satisfy our clients and promote our competitiveness and business success.


Our employees are hired on the basis of their professional and personal skills, including education, training, abilities, integrity, responsibility and ability to work on a team.



The MB Partners Center is able to offer a diverse professional staff for our contractors:

  • Rope access technicians
  • Insulators (Armaflex, Rockwool, Platters)
  • Painters-sandblasters
  • Air duct installers
  • Construction workers

And other professional specialties.

The MB Partners Center – a reliable partner for your company.