Rope access services

  • Advertising billboards installation
  • Bridge construction maintenance and repairing
  • Facade survey, maintenance and inspection
  • Glass installation, changing, cleaning
  • Chimney repairing, maintenance, dismantling
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
  • Wind turbine maintenance and repairing
  • Offshore service
  • Various rope access work

Sandblasting and painting

  • Building and construction painting
  • Ship hull sandblasting and painting
  • Metal construction sandblasting – and painting

Insulation work

  • Thermal insulation
  • Fireproof and soundproof insulation
  • Ship hull insulation
  • Pipeline and exhaust pipe insulation
  • Idustrial cooling and heating system insulation
  • Industrial pipeline insulation

Facade & interrior decorators

  • Dry facade (insulating with rockwool or styrofoam)
  • Fiber facade
  • Wooden facade
  • Plastering with machine
  • All types of interior works

Construction works

  • Interior and exterior finishing works of new and renovated buildings
  • Concreting
  • Thermal insulation of buildings
  • Facade finishing works
  • Interior finishing works

Welding works

  • Welding of black metal, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Welding of pipeline and steel structures
  • Welding with 141 (TIG), 111 (SMAW), 131,135,136,138 (MIG/MAG) procedures

Custom works

  • Production and mounting of billboards
  • Wrap vehicle advertising
  • Pasting cars over with vinyl wrap